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Often, buy to let landlords will ask for advice on selling an investment property, potential capital gains tax, gifting properties, inherited property and many more property scenarios.

Our services include

  • Preparation of Rental Income & expenditure accounts
  • Advice on tax allowable expenses
  • Capital Gains Tax advice on sale of properties
  • Preparation of your annual Self- Assessment Tax Return.
  • An estimation of your tax liability well in advance, (provided that records and details are provided to us in a timely manner)
  • Tax planning including using a Ltd Company for your property business
  • Determining whether you have a property investment business or property trading business
  • Our rental property clients are based throughout England and Scotland.

Why use our services?

  • Compliance with HMRC regulations - HMRC are chasing landlords to declare rental earnings
  • Planning – ensuring you are aware of tax liabilities and payment dates enabling you to plan your cashflow
  • Peace of mind and freeing up your time – As we will be preparing your rental income accounts and tax return this enables you to spend more time in doing the things you like to do

Non resident landlord advice

We can apply to HMRC to request that rents received are paid to you gross, provided certain conditions are in place.

UK rental income will still be subject to UK tax, but you may still have personal allowance available.

For further information or should you have any questions on the taxation of or accounting for Rental properties including Buy to let please contact us.

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