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Industry news

You might want to be aware of these:

  • Heavily influenced by the government policy.
  • The debate about making affordable childcare available to all working parents potentially has an impact on all private nurseries & child minders.
  • The introduction of the early years grant to extend to 2 year olds demonstrates this change.

Here are some factors that could affect you:

  • Cash flow - managing term paid income.
  • Deciding which age groups to accept and how many of each.
  • Early years grant for 2 year olds, extending from 3-4 year olds.
  • Can you offer this, Is it more expensive to care for a 2 year old.
  • Balancing EYG programme to increase occupancy but maintaining good margins. You cannot top up.
  • Recruiting the right staff.
  • Training and retaining key personnel.
  • Meeting all Ofsted requirements.
  • Pricing and price increases.
  • Maximising income.
  • Introducing additional extra -curricular activities to maximise use of premises.
  • Monitoring financial information to facilitate growth.


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