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Referral programme

We want to ensure that you are well looked after. We are focused on ensuring that you’re deadlines are met, that you pay no more tax than is necessary and that we are here to help you when you call.

If we are providing a quality service for you and you are happy, then pass the news on.
We’re not asking you to provide names and contact details of people that you think might be interested in moving to us, but rather just mention us if you hear that somebody is looking for an accountant or they are not satisfied with their existing accountant.

We know that if clients are impressed by the work we do together they will feel that every business should have an accountant like Eljay & Co and, they will start making recommendations. This means we don’t have to chase around for new business and can continue to meet our existing client’s needs. We can reduce our sales and marketing costs and ensure we continue to grow with better clients.

We want you to recommend us because it’s the right thing to do, not because we pay you. However, referrals are valuable and therefore for every new client referred we will reward you with a gift voucher.

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