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Our offer to you

Eljay & Co's rock solid guarantee

  • Our fees are fair and we do not charge ridiculously high fees like some firms do.
  • We don’t use time sheets for billing you.
  • Fees are always agreed with you in advance.
  • We will keep you abreast of any relevant changes that could benefit you, or indeed that could cost you and suggest appropriate action.

These are the fundamental principles to which we work

  • A free introductory meeting of half an hour. In many cases we will offer more time without charge.
  • A fixed fee quotation, based on a package of services designed to meet your needs.
    Business and tax advice.
  • Free telephone advice from a partner.
  • Availability to answer your calls whenever possible and to respond to a message by the close of play.

    Provide you with support and timely tax advice to save you money. Ensuring you pay the least amount of tax within the law.

What you would like from your accountant?

The principal Roger Cavendish has identified reasons that might be upper most in your mind when choosing your accountant.

Can your accountant answer these statements with 'yes'?

  • Yes, I want my accountant to do things when they say they will.
  • Yes, we have the resources and time to deal with things as we say we will. Your file will not be put to the bottom of the pile.
  • Yes, I would like my accountant to be available when I call or email, or at least get back to me within a very reasonable time.
  • Yes, I guarantee you will get a response even if not immediately, then always by the close of play.
  • Yes, I want to get on with my business, I’m not really bothered about tax matters, that’s what I pay my accountant for.
  • Yes, I want my deadlines met so I don’t have to worry about them and can concentrate on working on my business.
  • Yes, when I don’t understand my tax bill I would like my accountant to explain it to me.
  • Yes, I want my accountant to be happy to resolve any discrepancies with HM Revenue & Customs.
  • Yes, I want to ensure my tax affairs are up to date and correct.

And how about these…

  • I want value for money.
  • I would like pro-active advice that will save me money.
  • I would like fixed fees and transparency.

Contact us today for your no-obligation quote.

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