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For new clients

How to change accountants

Changing accountants is easy and straightforward. You simply need to sign 3 forms and we do everything else for you. Other than in rare situations where there is an unusual amount of work involved, there is no charge allowed to be made by the old accountant for providing and obtaining the hand-over information and we make no charge for obtaining it.

Step by step guide

  1. You sign a form 64-8 which is a HMRC authority form that authorises us to be your agent, so that the Inland Revenue will liaise with us about your affairs. This is necessary because your affairs are confidential and the Revenue cannot give out your details without your authority.
  2. You sign an authority form which goes to your old accountants advising them that you wish to change to ourselves. Alternatively, you can write or call them directly if you prefer. Again this is necessary as they should not release confidential information without your authority.
  3. We will write to the old accountants to get the hand-over information we require. In addition it is a requirement for us to enquire if there is anything we should be aware of in accepting the appointment to act for you, for example, money laundering. If there are fees outstanding to the old accountant this does not prevent us from acting for you and we may be able to help you resolve any fee disputes. If the old accountant will not release information because of a fee dispute it is often possible to obtain the information we require from other sources such as the HMRC.
  4. You sign an engagement letter. This is our standard agreement explaining what we are responsible for and what you are responsible for.

And that’s it! Remember, other than in rare situations, no fees will be charged to you buy your old accountant or us for changing accountants.

Once you have appointed Eljay & Co

Upon appointing us as your agent you will need to provide us a passport or driving licence and a current utility bill or other bill showing proof of address.

If you had an existing accountant, then we must contact them usually by writing to request professional clearance. We will also ask for various documents such as latest accounts, tax returns etc.

We will ask you to sign a form called a 64-8 authorising your agent.

This is sent to HMRC and means we can communicate with HMRC on your behalf. This helps us to deal with any tax matters and ensure your tax is up to date and correct.

We will then send you our letter of engagement. This sets out our joint responsibility.
Once this is signed and retuned to us then you are fully on board.

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