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Deadlines and responsibilities

We will do our utmost to ensure all of your tax and accounting deadlines are met.

To minimise the risk of missed deadlines we will alert you to deadlines approaching and will let you know what information we need to comply with these. If you are not able to provide the information then we cannot be held responsible for penalties that arise.

Time line requirements for Self-assessments

  • Generally we need all of your information by November.
  • If we receive information in December, then we will add 5% to your bill.
  • If we receive in January then it is +10%.
  • If we receive your books before September then we will offer a 5% discount.

Time line requirements for Limited companies

  • We need your books and records at least 2 months prior to the filing deadline.
  • For VAT returns we require the information at least 14 days before the filing deadline.
  • These are general time requirements. In certain circumstances we may be able to accommodate tighter deadlines but this is by prior arrangement.

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