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About us

We are a friendly helpful alternative accountancy practice based near North London.
Yes we do all of the normal things accountants do, such as preparing accounts and tax returns.

However this is what is known as compliance work and it’s basically to satisfy either the tax man or Companies House, it won’t necessarily add any value to you or your business, except perhaps some peace of mind.

We would like to ask, what can we do to really help you? What would make a real difference to you or your business?

When we meet we want to hear about you, your business and what your concerns are. We enjoy coming up with solutions and my clients walking away knowing that things will change.

Deadlines will be met, a problem has been solved, another item on the ‘to do’ list, ticked off. That gives me enormous satisfaction.

So essentially, we want to help you solve your problems, take new opportunities and work towards obtaining a greater return for your efforts. Contact us today to arrange an inital meeting or connect with us on LinkedIn.

Eljay and co

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